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Andy Ristaino’s designs for the wee Adventure Time characters in “All the Little People.” Now we need to round up the color versions for you.


so i had to draw many different sized simpler versions of a whole lot of characters for All the Little people.  here are a bunch of the sketches of them.  you can see some of the finals over at frederator.


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12/6/2012 ~Akathisia

Pick me up again,
Keep the lights on,
Don’t remind me of how dark it gets in my head,
The part that wishes to be dead.

The thought of happiness is replaced by malice,
Forever crippled by anger,
Eyes clouded with fury,
With this glowing heart of amber.

I break,
I shatter,
My hands tremble,
They shake.


I can almost predict everything.  I feel like shit, because I know…I will get nothing.  Nothing will change, nobody will realize.  This feeling makes me ugly, jealous.  I want to hide forever.  It was so hard to start crying again, but once it started I just couldn’t stop.  Sleep no longer exists.  I try and suppress the urge to smash everything.  Everything, I hate all of the things.  I want to kill everyone.  I feel the need more and more to control everything.  I get so anxious when things are changed.  This house is a mess.  I can’t look at it, it makes me sick.  I want out.  My car, I can’t drive this when I’m angry.  Oh but I can, things just get unpredictable.  No matter how shitty I feel, I still care.  And oh it makes it worse that I still care because I still do things and I feel even shittier doing things for people that just DONT UNDERSTAND how low my emotions and drive for life has dropped just so low right now.
I hate the association of the word depression and high schoolers and just all of the immaturity of the world.  It’s something real, and it traps so many people.  It’s as real as it can be.
and, well…I’m real, hey guys…I’m in so much pain.